Movies at Sea

01193306ac235b63e22ca1ed701d725556976bcbc4A day of films!!!! We woke up quite early – time for Bob’s Lemsip – and then watched Florence Foster Jenkins on the cabin tv. What a strange but endearing film! A lovely period piece with great performances from all actors. Shall have to read the book now.
Then spent the rest of the day out around one of the main swimming pools reading and watching more films. It was really hot and sunny until about 2pm. You can tell we are getting nearer to Florida. The weather is sultry and the sun is very strong.
The morning movie was A Dog’s Purpose. Oh, a lovely film that had quite a few people shedding tears towards the end, including me and the man next to me. I don’t want to spoil the plot by describing it, but it isn’t the usual dog movie where it dies in the end. It was so lovely. Get hold of it if you can. One of those ones where you laugh out loud and also cry….
Had several swims. It was so hot. Then about three o’clock, it clouded over – still hot – just about the time Jurassic World started to play. See, I told you it was a movie sort of day! Then some spots of rain. Bob was asleep, so I covered him up, but he woke up and we decided to watch the film. About 5 minutes before the end, the spotting rain turned into a deluge and we gave up and ran for cover. We’d seen it before anyway.
Went back to the cabin in time to receive our plate of complimentary canapes. Tonight is our last formal wear evening. We ate them in our pyjamas washed down by the remains of our bottle of fizz!!! We like to live high on the hog, we do……
Had a very nice dinner table – an American couple who have travelled all over Europe by motorbike and a couple of ladies. I dodged an absolute bullet as I believed they were mother and daughter and it was only when Bob turned to me and said – with a degree of emphasis – these two ladies have been friends since second grade – that I realised my mistake!!!! Thank heavens I didn’t say – as I was about to – “and where does your mother come from?”!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!! Good dinner. More lobster tail and I had a shellfish starter. Bob had escargot. Looked very nice.
After dinner we went to the show which was an instrumentalist. He played a whole variety of weird instruments, very beautifully, including a theremin(?). This is an instrument played by waving the hands through different electrical waves. Extraordinary.
Our last full day aboard tomorrow! It’s gone really quickly, although it seems ages since we got on in Southampton.

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