Day at Sea

Had a really nice day today! After coffee in the cabin, we went up to the Serenity area and secured one of the clam shell double loungers – super comfortable. I decided to forego breakfast – the buffet doesn’t get my day started on a positive note and the dining room breakfast isn’t a lot better. Bob went.
Absolutely beautiful day at sea, very calm with just a light breeze across the decks. Stayed up there all day just enjoying the peace, the views and our books. We should have been in Grand Turk today diving but of course the hurricane meant that the ship could not call in.
At about 3 we went into the spa and visited the different steam and heat chambers. It’s a pleasant experience and you go into different temperature showers in between the rooms. Bob likes the heated ceramic beds very much. I must say that you do come out feeling very relaxed and sort of “clean” LOL
Tonight we just had a quiet dinner by ourselves. I had shrimp to start and then some lovely beef. Bob had the shrimp and then southern chicken with all the trimmings. Some nights, the waiting staff jump up onto the serving tables and do some sort of dance. Tonight they all put on Pharrell Williams hats and did a dance routine to “Happy”. It was cute! I do think the waiting staff on here really try very hard to please. I can’t imagine the staff on Princess or P&O , let alone Cunard, doing this sort of dance routine. I have a horrible feeling its because they are terribly underpaid and are reliant on tips more so than normal.
Tomorrow we are in Amber Cay, Dominican Republic and going diving again!DSC09226