The End!

After a quiet day at sea yesterday, when we sunbathed up in the Serenity section, we arrived back in Fort Lauderdale this morning.  The next part of our autumn adventure is a holiday up in Orlando which I will blog, categorising it into it’s own grouping.

To sum up our experience on Carnival.  It was our first.  It will undoubtedly be our last.  Not for us at all, but then, it is not designed to be.  There are some good points: the staff literally cannot do enough for you and they work incredibly hard.  The restaurant wait staff not only do that job but they do a little song and dance show in the middle of service that was at least as good as the offerings in the show lounge.  The cabins are also nice.  The spa is excellent.

But we are not big gamblers, actually (our friends will be surprised at this!) we are not big drinkers, we do not like a lot of conflicting very loud music, we don’t like pools where you literally just have enough space to stand up, and everyone else is drinking. We don’t like big crowds of very loud people.  We don’t like having to queue up a long time for food, especially breakfast.    So…. it’s been an experience.  The ports were lovely and we would definitely love to cruise in the Caribbean again…. just not with Carnival…… DSC09239

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