Drama at Sea

Slightly quieter day at sea today. The weather is still atrocious. Very wet, heavy winds….. The open decks were open but it really wasn’t conducive to going outside…. So we didn’t.
After breakfast we headed off to our second drama workshop with the RADA troupe. Very good fun again. We played various mimicking/copying games and another exercise where we had to become and then unbecome the dog of our choice. I chose to be Dexter, our friend’s young black lab. Complete with bounding, panting, tongue out and wagging tail. Luckily, we had to keep our eyes closed throughout (to help the inhibited!!!).
Following that, we had an early lunch (more sushi) and then went to art. The painting today was a seashore with grasses and waves and distant mountains. Learned some more new techniques from the tutor. She really is very different. A proper watercolourist, she uses a lot of water and tilts and turns the paper and lets it all run together. Quite frightening at first. Not too bad a result. Not as good as my trees but better than the starry sky, I think.
Went to afternoon tea again (hangs head in shame…..) and I had two small cakes. One was a Lammington, this famous Australian cake that I keep hearing about. It was absolutely delicious. A golden sponge mound, coated in coconut with a blog of strawberry jam on top. I really liked it.
Tonight we went to a musical show in the theatre before dinner. It was quite special. They had put together an orchestra of 22, made up from the two small orchestras, the string quartet and the harpist and they were backing the 4 singers from the QM show troupe. They put together a great hour’s music, a mix of show and pop tunes from the last 40 years. It was very good and ended with a medley of Bond music. I hoped they would sing Skyfall at the end but no…. It would have been a brilliant end but perhaps they didn’t have the orchestral parts.
Dinner was as good as usual. We took two glasses of wine in from the bottle we have in our cabin. No problem.
After dinner we went up to one of the lounges where the RADA chaps were reading ghost stories. It was a good hour and a very good story. Everyone was so quiet….. lapping it up. Then we went down to the Queen’s Room where there was a dance party with a balloon drop at 1130. It was rammed. Pretty lively on this ship. Cunard still have gentlemen hosts who are usually older gentlemen who get a free cruise in return for acting as dance partners to ladies travelling without one. Obviously, they are strictly vetted and have to maintain a strict standard of behaviour LOL!!!! Nice idea though. We saw several of them dancing with guests at the party.

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