Last Day at Sea

Our last lovely day on the beautiful Queen Mary 2. We could see the dolphins (well… possibly porpoises) before we even left the cabin and we had pods of them following the bow wave most of the day. Impossible (for me) as usual to photograph. It was cheery to see them anyway. The weather further improved today and the sea was pretty flat. It’s not often that you can say that as you approach the UK, the weather improves. But it is so……
After breakfast we went off to our last RADA workshop. Today we had to undertake a number of group improvisations which were as vaguely agonising as ever they have been. It was still fun and the hour goes very quickly. At the end Bob went off to hear the comedian from last night give a talk on other musical comedians or comedians who have used music in their comedy: Morecombe and Wise; Victor Borge etc. He said it was howlingly funny. I went up to art. Too late by then to do the picture of the session, but I worked on one of my own pieces until lunchtime.
A last sushi/sashimi lunch…. A walk around the deck…… we were somewhere off Cornwall by then. Still dry and flat calm. Started to see some ships as we were by now out of the Atlantic and into the Channel approaches.
Went to an afternoon talk from the film historian which was quite lighthearted: Festive Songs in the Movies. Enjoyable to relive some of those moments: White Christmas (well…. It had to be!), Meet me in St Louis, Oliver, Muppets Scrooge, Fred… Bob Hope….. Betty Grable….. brilliant.
We avoided going to tea and went to pack instead. Put 5 of our 6 cases outside for early collection, just kept one and our hand luggage back.
Went down at 7 for the theatre show which was a modern song and dance man. This young chap played the clarinet, saxophone, tap danced, sang, break and moon danced, all brilliantly. Rather old fashioned in a way, not many people like that anymore. Or maybe there are but they don’t get tv exposure.
A last dinner with our table companions and a very jovial time with the ladies. It’s been a good table. I’m glad we chose a table of 8 as it kept it lively and with a lot of variation. After dinner Bob and I went up to the Commodore’s Club which is a cocktail bar right up in the bow on deck 9. Its quite a sophisticated space and we had a couple of nightcaps.
Turned in, put our last things into the last suitcase and put it outside the door for collection. Just got our hand luggage now for the morning. We can get off from 9 but we will delay till about 930 as we can’t pick up our hire car from Hertz in Southampton till 11. Should be home by early/mid afternoon. Will have to pick up some shopping supplies on the way. The heating came on today so at least the house should be warm for us.
What a great week it has been. I think you can tell that we have loved this ship and look forward to sailing on her again. She is undoubtedly the best ship we’ve ever been on, and we have also enjoyed the transatlantic experience which is very different from normal cruising. Tomorrow brings to an end our autumn adventure which has included three different cruise ships; a month in Orlando, an overnight train journey, 2 days in New York City! It’s been great. Some bits have not been soooo great. We won’t be cruising with Carnival again, although we would hope to revisit the Caribbean. The train journey was endurable but not enjoyable. Given a choice, we would drive that journey rather than go by train but you never know. I wouldn’t say never…..
Hope you’ve enjoyed the read….. catch up with us again in 2018!