The Doldrums

DSC09673Bob still poorly and he decided to stay in bed all day today. I went up to the buffet restaurant and got him a breakfast tray and brought it back to the cabin. We were once again on track, heading due south, in the sea are known as the Doldrums. Indeed, the stiff wind we’d encountered yesterday has completely disappeared and the sea is calm. Visibility is very hazy but the sky is clear and the sun is strong.
I went to art at 10. Had finished a painting yesterday so started a new one today: Queen Mary II at sea. It’s very stylised but quite pleased with it so far. I have bought a sketch book and some water soluble pens so that I can try sketching when we are ashore in South Africa. Will give it a go!
After art, I went back to see how Bob was. He had been catching up on talks which were being reshown on the cabin tv. He didn’t want to get up for lunch so I went upstairs and had my sushi lunch and then brought him back a tray of soup, bread rolls and a piece of pineapple upside down cake.
The clocks went forward one hour at lunchtime today. I spent the afternoon up on Deck 12 sunbathing. It was very hot and I didn’t make the same mistake as yesterday and put lots of cream on. Read my Kindle, had some dozes and a cup of tea from the little café up there.
We have General Lord Dannatt, ex Chief of the General Staff, on board with us for this leg of the cruise and today he gave his first talk: Boots on the Ground: Britain and Her Army Since 1945. A really fascinating journey and reflection on British history through the experiences of the British Army. Shall look forward to his future talks.
Bob was feeling rather better by early evening and up to leaving the cabin to get something to eat.
We decided to eat dinner in the buffet restaurant tonight so that Bob could be more relaxed. It’s no hardship to do so on QM2. The buffet, or King’s Court, to give it the proper title is not a large a spread as on some ships. Nowhere near as big as the range on Princess for example. But it is a very high quality offering. Everything is really good, not just tasteless “filler” stuff. Tonight I started with some massive raw king prawns. They were superb. Then I had grilled lamb cutlets which were fresh and lovely. Finally, just to be naughty I had a slice of red velvet cake. YUM! Bob had soup and a roll, a big bowl of salad, then a slice of roast ham with chips, and a bowl of mixed ice cream. And of course we washed it down with two large glasses of red Chateau Cabin! 😊
After dinner we sat out in two steamer chairs and watched the sun disappear into the misty dusk. It was really warm still outside. I could sit there for ages and just watch the water go past. There are no ships visible or any land. Tomorrow we will cross the Equator and there are various ceremonies planned to take place!