Burns Night

DSC09974A very quiet day in contrast to yesterday. There was no art this morning because today is the exhibition and Viv and her husband were setting it all up. So, we had a bit of a lie-in and then I went to find a place to lie on deck. Although it was warm and quite sunny, it was extremely windy. Too windy to be outside sunbathing anyway. I found a lounger around the indoor pool and lay there reading my book. Bob went to a late breakfast and then came and joined me. We chatted to one of our tablemates who was up there.
Had a really delicious lunch today. Some sushi and sashimi of course but they also had some fantastic cold seafood: king prawns, scallops and king crab legs. They were absolutely yum, so juicy and delicious. I’ve never been a big fan of king crab legs before, although I adore crab, but these were the best.
After lunch we went back to the cabin and packed some things into our two cabin bags ready for our days ashore in South Africa. We don’t have to take much as its only 4 days, but we need the chargers, swimming things, sun cream as well as clothes for the trip. Nothing fancy. Its going to be pretty casual.
Then it was time for the art exhibition. As usual it was really crowded with other passengers coming to see our masterpieces! Obviously, this time was a bit different too as we hadn’t seen any of our work displayed as we hadn’t put it out ourselves. I was really pleased to see all of my paintings had made the wall, and it was great to see everyone else’s work too, including paintings from the afternoon group. There were some really brilliant ones. We then headed off to see the exhibition from the ship’s artist, a lady we have seen wandering around with an easel. Her paintings were for sale at around $130 each.
More cups of tea and then just pegged out for a rest. I did a bit of sketching and read. Bob had a good nap! I don’t know why we feel so tired today. Well… yesterday was long and we didn’t get to bed till after 1 because of watching the late film at the cinema so maybe it was that. Eddie the Eagle was brilliant, by the way. Really quite inspirational in a depiction of determination and sheer courage.
Tonight is Burns’ Night and there are lots of celebrations around the ship.
We started with the early theatre show which was a chap who had been runner up on America’s Got Talent, Tyrell and his backing singers the Shirelles. He did a lot of Tamla Motown songs plus Prince, Elvis, James Brown and some original ones. Fantastic performer and boy could he dance. Following that was the ceremonial haggis dedication with poems by Burns, a few Scottish reels and bagpipe playing.
Dinner was happy/sad as it was the last occasion with our lovely table friends as they are all leaving the ship in Cape Town. I hope our new companions are just as nice, but a tough act to follow. Good dinner tonight with of course haggis and neaps, and Prime rib of Scottish beef. Very nice.
After dinner we went back to the ballroom and had a go at the Gay Gordons. It has been 19 years since I’ve done the Gay Gordons and I felt every one of them. Wow. I used to be able to do that till the cows came home, but it puffed me tonight! But we did laugh so much. I always howl with laughter doing any sort of country dancing. I love it. We are so terrible….
Turned in after that. We were hoping for more reels but it went back to ballroom dancing. The ship was meant to be docking at 0730 tomorrow but we had a late message that we won’t be in till 9. I hope we can get off quickly and start our adventure across the Cape. DSC09975