Indian Ocean

Our last sea day before we visit two islands in the Indian Ocean: Reunion and Mauritius. Another hot, sunny day with minimal seas.
A sea day much like any other for us then. Bob had breakfast and I didn’t! We both went to art. He finished his elephant and it’s really good. I started on a landscape: a sort of rocky tor, moorland scene with a bit of snow around. Very pleased with it so far. We have a very nice art tablemate, a New Zealand lady called Jane. Nice to chat to her while we draw. We are deeply envious at the moment because she has had some great luck: they booked a regular balcony cabin Southampton to Auckland and when they got to it, there was a lifeboat hanging right in front of their balcony i.e. restricted view. Not what they’d booked at all, and not what the picture showed for the cabin. So they complained but the ship was full up to Cape Town and the purser said she would try and help then in the changeover there. Well! Talk about help! They’ve been moved into one of the top suites on the ship as far as Perth! Its massive apparently, with several rooms, a full bathroom with big bath and shower, double wrap balcony and a butler! Amazing.
Our usual sushi lunch and then lay around the pool working on the tans, swimming and reading. A really nice afternoon. We are pretty lazy at the moment.
Tomorrow we should have been going diving in Reunion. We’d had it all booked with the Wolfy Diving Centre for quite a few months but then of late, had a few bizarre emails from “Wolfy”. Slightly rude in tone, he kept referring to us multiple times as “you people” and it began to read as though he really didn’t want us to dive with him. The price for 2 dives wasn’t cheap but we sort of expected that. Anyway, last week we had another flurry of “You People” emails where he went on about “I haven’t only got to think about you people but my other customers as well…” Obviously we were too much trouble somehow for Wolfy. Unsure of what had brought it on but it came to a final head over transport. He was meant to be picking us up to take us to the dive centre but then he changed his mind and said he would send a taxi instead which was going to cost another 70 euro for a 20 minute round trip. We decided to call it a day and haven’t heard anymore from him since.
So tomorrow, we are taking ship’s transport to the only white sand beach on the island, set around a lagoon and we’re going to do some snorkelling there. Then later in the afternoon we’ll go into St Denis for some shopping and some interneting. Have wanted to go to Reunion for decades so am quite excited to see it.
Tonight was a formal night, so best bib and tucker. I had tenderloin of beef. Bob had duck. It was one of our tablemate’s birthday and the waiters brought over a cake and sang Happy Birthday to her. It was a lovely cake. We all had a bit. The show was a double bill between a comedian and a ventriloquist. The comedian was really funny, the ventriloquist was very tired and pretty mediocre. We could see his lips moving throughout. After the show Bob and I went up to the top deck to look at the moon and stars. Very lovely night sky out here.