Valentine’s Day at Sea

Happy Valentine’s Day to all romantics with us! We had a great night’s sleep and woke up at about 910, feeling a lot better.
Bob went off to breakfast and I got up slowly and then we went to art for the morning. I started work on a Provencal scene which is coming along very well. Bob is working on a pig – really good so far.
After art we had lunch upstairs which was very nice. Sushi followed by some amazing Valentine’s desserts. I had a rippled strawberry mousse in a tempered chocolate bowl, embellished with coloured chocolate hearts and rings. Delicious.
Spent the afternoon lying around the pool on the back deck. It was sunny but there was a bit of a chilly wind. Still… lovely to be outside. We had turned around Cape Louis and are now running along the southern coast of Australia towards Adelaide on Friday.
This evening we took our bottle of Cunard champagne up onto the back deck and broached it while watching the sun set. It went down really quickly. We then took the bottle inside to one of the cocktail lounges and finished it there. Met a nice couple and the chap gave me a lovely red rose.
Oh… forgot to say, today’s celebrity speaker was David Gower, the England cricketer and tv commentator. He was absolutely excellent. A very polished and funny speaker. He must do after dinner speaking all the time. Very funny stories of his time playing for England and antics with Ian Botham etc. Nicely judged banter with the Australians in the audience. Really good. Shall look forward to his next talk. In fact, I encountered him in the lift tonight and was quite flummoxed for some reason!!!! He’s much taller than I expected him to be.
Formal night for Valentine’s Night. I had chateaubriand for dinner preceded by asparagus with a poached egg and hollandaise. Really nice dinner and great company. We gave the show a miss tonight as we have seen it a couple of times before and we fancied another early night. Got another red rose from the waiting staff so we now have two lovely fragrant roses in our cabin.

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