Sea Day

DSC00337One of our usual sea days. Unusually, we both went to breakfast this morning. After our massive pub lunch yesterday in Melbourne, we only had a tiny snack last night, so I suppose that was why.
A day of bright sun and some cloud but with a very cold wind from the south, the Antarctic. You could really feel it. We laid out in the sun for a few hours this afternoon and the sun was strong enough to need screening but the cold wind meant swimming was not inviting. Quite a swell on today too as we head back to Kangaroo Island. At least a force 6 all day and more swell than that would generate even. It is not at all bothersome.
Went to art this morning, and Viv sat with me and said that I need to challenge myself now by not painting/copying all the time but by painting from life and from planned compositions. She told me to either go up on deck, sketch some nautical items and then come back and make up a picture using some of them, or to make up a picture from something I saw yesterday in the bush, but first making a little plan picture. I know that I do have to do this to progress to another stage but it is hard. I’m getting quite good at copying certain styles of painting. I mean, not really technical or fine detail things but certain shapes and styles I can make a reasonable fist of. But, actually “thinking up” a composition from my head and then putting it down is a definite challenge. Anyway, had a go at a scene of Australian gum trees, bare branches and with forest behind and red rocks and dirt in front. Not too bad for a first go.
Had some afternoon tea later in the day and finished the painting off. Have begun to think about arrangements for Saturday now and when and what to pack in which case etc. We will go straight to the airport from the ship by taxi so it ought to be fairly straightforward. We’re on the last lap with our final wine box so that ought to be a goner by then!!!! It’s worked out really well. We will put all our evening clothes and the small amount of cold weather clothes we have with us into one suitcase that we needn’t even open for the rest of the trip.
Lucy is in India for a week on business in Bangalore. Lucky thing got upgraded by Etihad into first class and travelled in one of those “individual rooms” they get. Looked absolutely fantastic as did the food. Hopefully it meant she got some sleep. Then apparently, her room at the Shangri La got upgraded too into a corner suite with multiple sitting rooms and 2 bathrooms!!!! I love the Shangri La group of hotels. We’ve stayed at them in the Far East a few times and they are always lovely. Anyway, she is now only 5.5 hours behind us in time, rather than 11 hours which is where Daisy is, so talking online or on the phone will be a bit easier for a while.