Last of the Last

DSC00336Oh dear…. A day of lasts….. Our last sea day… Our last art lesson…. Our last free sushi/sashimi lunch…. Last dinner with fellow tablemates…. Last fabulous theatre show….. And it’s warm…. Grey….. and showery!!!!
I persevered with going backwards to go forwards in Art. I tried making my own painting from a photograph I’d taken of a koala up a tree. To be honest, it’s not terrible, but its not as good as I can achieve when I am copying a painting. That’s because my technique is lacking or my knowledge of technique is lacking so that I have to decide myself how to achieve something and often I decide wrongly!!! Anyway, onwards and upwards….. must keep it going while we are ashore because practice really does make perfect (or at least, better). Viv wants us to come on one of her art courses in the Lake District later in the year. Will have to look at that. She’s been great actually and I feel mean for complaining about the “whittering” early on in the cruise. She’s actually a lovely person and a very good teacher. We’ve both come on a long way under her instruction. More, I think, than with any of the other tutors.
Had a last sushi lunch upstairs, washed down by a tumbler (yes, a tumbler!) of red wine. The last of our last 5 litre wine box!!!! 20l was just right for this voyage. We have had a big glass each – at least 250ml every night – and it’s saved the usual fortune.
Took part in our last quiz this afternoon and then went to afternoon tea in the Queen’s Room – the posh afternoon tea. It was packed. The Australians seem to love the tea. We bumped into John and Rose from our dinner table and had tea with them. Hope to see them in Sydney at the end of our stay. They travel a lot too.
Came back to the cabin and packed. A lot easier than when we came out and all 3 large cases are well within limits. Sent two off before dinner.
We went to the show before dinner: Hollywood and the Kings. A jazz age singing trio. Good but not more than good. Dinner was lovely and we took a few pix of our merry band. After dinner we all went up to the Commodore Club for a last drink and chat. A really nice evening. So lucky with our dining table companions.
To sum up: this has been a fabulous cruise. We absolutely love QM2 and would not hesitate to cruise on her again. She is undoubtedly the best ship we have sailed on. Not perfect, but no ship is. In comparison to P&O and Princess we would say that she is a better ship than any of them, better service, better food, especially in quality of food. The daytime entertainment is definitely the best of any ship. The evening entertainment, we think P&O has the edge. There have definitely been highs and lows in the evening entertainment on this ship. Can’t really think that has been the case on P&O.
I suppose the bottom line is that we would happily cruise on if for some reason we couldn’t get off tomorrow. It wouldn’t be a hardship at all.
As it is, we will get off in the morning, along with about 2000 other people 😊 and enjoy the next part of our winter adventure!