Bob’s Birthday

My Bob’s birthday: 69! He can’t believe it and neither can I. Looking good and thank heavens, pretty fit.
Of course we had to move apartments today which limited our plans a bit. In fact the reception staff redeemed themselves by ringing us at 9 and saying they had scheduled our new apartment to be cleaned first and they expected us to be able to move in around 10 and to just stay put until then. In fact, it was nearer 1045 but no matter…. We loaded up our stuff and moved down one floor and into a two bedroom/2 bath apartment. Unpacked and were all set by about 12.
Its nice to be in a bigger place, not for the extra space really but for the second bathroom. The ensuite in this one suffers from the same problem as the last i.e. no door, complete visibility via the mirrored wardrobes etc. It’s not a problem other than if you have something “serious” to do in there….. In which case having a second bathroom is wonderful!!!!
Had a bit of lunch in the apartment and then headed out to Aldi. We’d intended to spend the afternoon at the pool but it had clouded over, so not the best for swimming. So, it was quite interesting to visit an Australian Aldi. The market central lines were absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Fabulous stuff. Gazebos, really nice sun loungers, sail sunshades…. A gas outdoor pizza oven… loads of things that I would really like for Cyprus. Got the few bits and bobs we needed.
Spent the afternoon in the apartment just resting. Bob spoke to both girls which was lovely.
Have I mentioned the Commonwealth Games???? It’s going to be massive here, starting April 4th. Lots of stadiums being built/expanded all around us. Jane is volunteering which will be fun. It will be funny to watch it on tv knowing we were right here.
Tonight we went out for a birthday dinner to a seafood restaurant in Broadbeach. It was an easy walk. Broadbeach is really lively at night but in a very nice way, not in a drunken, hen/stag party kind of way. Lots of cafes and restaurants, packed with diners, really doing massive business. Of course the climate is perfect. Even tonight after an overcast day, it felt perfecgt to sit outside. Not hot and sweaty. And, no sign of any mosquitoes which is a bit of a surprise.
So, we went for the seafood platter which was totally epic. Just enormous and for about £35 each. And a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc to wash it down. The platter had: 2 Moreton Bay bugs; a swimmer crab, 6 huge steamed king prawn, 4 grilled king prawn, 6 garlic braised scallops, 4 raw oysters, a load of really tender calamari rings, 6 garlic steamed clams, 2 barramundi fillets in batter, loads of chips, smoked salmon salad, dips. The chips were outstanding. Well, worth getting fat to eat! Everything else was really good too, especially the crab, but a bit disappointed with the Moreton Bay bugs. We thought they’d be like lobster but they were a bit tasteless. Fabulous platter though.
Afterwards, and god knows how we did it – we walked around the corner to a gelato place and had 2 scoop cups and watched the world go by. I had black forest gelato and crispy coffee. Bob had salted caramel and rum and raisin. The salted caramel and black forest were outstanding. We had a nice walk around the seafront area of Broadbeach and then headed back.
We have just discovered Strike, the tv series. It started last autumn when we were in Florida and so we missed it. Just catching up, so gorging on it a bit. Watched the second murder story tonight back at the flat with coffees and brandies.
Happy birthday, dear Bob! Looking forward to another brilliant year ahead….

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