Last of Broadbeach… lizards and ribs….

Our last day in Broadbeach and the sun came back out for us, at least in the morning and the evening.
It is definitely a bit cooler than it was when we arrived, and there were some clouds so we decided caution was best and instead of the beach, we went to the pool for the morning. Bob went off to the supermarket to get some things he wanted for the sticky beef ribs he was cooking. I lazed and read my book and had a staring contest with the very large water dragon lizards that came out to see me.
Bob got back at about 1130 having spent 5 minutes in the supermarket and 40 minutes looking for the car in the multi storey! We had a nice picnic lunch by the pool and discovered that the lizards enjoy Pringles, bread and bits of lamb… yikes! I thought they were harmless vegetarians!!!!! They wolfed down all the bits of lamb we threw to them. I was afraid to fall asleep after that in case I awoke to find half my toes gone….
About 1pm the rain started. Heavily. We decamped back into the apartment. I took the chance to finish off a painting I’d been working on. It’s a stylised Australian landscape with a massive eucalyptus tree and distant hills. Quite pleased with it.
It is a benefit having a full apartment like this when the weather is dicey. It’s a real home from home and we have plenty of space. We have to remember that these winter trips are not conventional vacations really. We are choosing to “live” somewhere else for the winter months and that’s a different thing to having a two or three week vacation. We can have days where we do nothing, without it mattering at all, just like it would be at home. We have the time…..
The sun came back at about 330 and a lovely evening.
Bob made a marvellous dish of glutinous beef ribs in a rich gravy. Absolutely yummy. We ate on the balcony and washed it all down with some very nice Australian shiraz. The wine isn’t cheap here, as it is in South Africa, but Australian wine is still cheaper here than in the UK as the roughly £2 per bottle tax is not there. Caught up on more UK tv with the Ipad attached to the big flat screen tv in the bedroom. We have now watched “Collateral” (dreadful script, what is David Hare thinking…”) and also Strike (A-MAZE-ING). We are now on with Masterchef, a Welsh crime drama whose name escapes me (yes, its that good!) and the new series of Shetland. Have I discussed Australian tv??? Let me just say that I have always believed American tv to be the lowest level of quality I have experienced….. with the obvious exception of HBO which doesn’t really count…. however, I have been wrong. Australian tv is the absolute pits. Dreadful. There is literally nothing worth watching. And the news is even worse than American news which is saying something. The only good channel is the one which has British tv programmes on it. No wonder Aussies have lots of bbqs and go to the beach in the evening. There’s nothing on tv to distract them that’s for sure. 😊
Tomorrow we have about a 3 hour drive north to Noosa Heads, where we are staying for 3 nights. I do hope the weather is reasonably sunny up there as it looks stunning.