From Camp Cove to Spice Alley!

An absolutely beautiful day here in Sydney today.  Temperature about 28C and lovely sunshine all day.  We headed down to the ferry dock after breakfast and got the Watson’s Bay ferry using our Opal cards.  It’s a really nice ride to Watson’s Bay, about 30 minutes.  It calls at Rose Bay along the way too, just a really nice trip, sitting up on the top deck in the sunshine.

We have been to Watson’s Bay before because its where the famous Doyles on the Beach fish and chip restaurant is.  When we were in Sydney on our big cruise in 2015 we came over and had the fish and chips.  In fact, we couldn’t get into the main restaurant and ended up having them at Doyles on the Pier across the road.  They were nice.  OK.  Not anything special to be honest but the setting is fabulous.  Watson’s Bay strikes us as being pretty upmarket, lovely beach facing homes.  Some old cottage style properties that ought to be cheap but undoubtedly, aren’t.

To get to Camp Cove, you walk across the beach at Watson’s and just round the headland and there it is!!!  A beautiful sheltered crescent of golden sand and perfectly clear, sheltered water.  There was hardly anyone down there and it remained that way all day.  Maybe a bit busier after lunch, but nothing like Manly had been yesterday.  We set up our camp against the rear beach wall and settled down to read and swim and sunbathe.  A lovely, lovely day.  The water felt cold at first but after you went numb…. no, after a minute, it felt lovely.  I spent a lot of time in there. Bob somewhat less.

We walked back to the ferry at about 430 and then found that the public ferries stopped at 420 for about 3 hours. Oh.  Luckily there was a Captain Cook private ferry still running so we got that.  It was only 7$.  It called in at a few places on the way back and had a bit of a commentary going too.

Had our showers, then out to meet Georgia and Florent for dinner at 730.  We were meeting at a place called Spice Alley, near Chinatown.  Its a collection of Asian tiny restaurants crammed into a long alleyway, like an elongated food court.  You pick your food and then sit at tables under lanterns.  Honestly, you could be in Singapore or Hong Kong.  We had roti (delish puff bread) with chicken curry (me) and beef curry (Bob).  Then we had chicken satay.  Then we had more roti with a peanut curry dipping sauce.  We took a bottle of wine with us.  It was all so fabulous.  Would definitely go back there again – and very cheap, especially by Australian standards.  A plate of chicken curry with roti was about $12.

We had such a lovely evening with Georgia and Florent, talking mainly about their wedding plans which are very exciting.  They are having a big wedding in June in a hill village in Provence and we are lucky enough to be going, along with Lucy and Daisy and a host of fellow St Andrews students and friends.  Georgia is very much a part of our extended family and we really like Florent.  It’s definitely going to be a fabulous wedding and we are very glad we have had a chance to see them here in Sydney too, so happy in their new life.

Enjoyed today so much, we might have to do it all over again tomorrow….!