Hot Sun and Electricity

DSC01504A few days of hot sun and hard work on Bob’s part around the house.  Installing the garden lights is proving to be much more complex than we envisaged but we are nearly there.  The laying and connecting of the cables has been a real struggle.  This morning was nice though…. we went down to the metalworks, very near to Tervetuloa to get a bracket made to attach to the garden gate arch, on which to hang one of the new lights.  The chap made it for us in about 10 minutes and then didn’t want to take any money for it.  How very nice.  Of course we paid him.  Their normal products are great runs of wall topping, gates, fencing, so it probably seemed an infinitesimal piece of work to him.  Just typical of the generosity you find out here though from many people.  Particularly the locals, the real locals.

I went to Amore on the Lapta strip and got my legs waxed.  Such a lovely salon/day spa.  Going back next week for a manicure/pedi and also for a CACI facial.  It’s so much cheaper out here to get all that sort of thing done.  I have put their brochures on our hall table where we have lots of tourist information, maps and things.

We also ran out to Mermaid fabrics and picked up our roller blinds that are ready for the kitchen.  OMG, they are amazing.  I can’t wait to put them up and show you.  They also showed me our curtains and bedroom blinds which are nearly finished.  All stunning.  They are so thrilled themselves with the blinds.  I have to say, they are very, very stylish.  Hopefully we will be able to get them next Tuesday.

Came back and Bob laboured on with the electrics.  We had hoped it would be finished tonight but its going to need another day.

Lots of new little lemons and figs forming on the trees!  Good for someone in a few weeks.


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