Bayram and the Great British Curry Night


Today was the first day of Bayram – Eid – the celebration at the end of Ramadan. Most shops, banks, offices etc were closed.  We went into Nicosia for a look around but it was closed!   Instead of the usual bustling traffic, we drove straight in and even managed to find street parking in the centre of town.  The shopping streets were empty, the Han was locked up, as was the market.…. still we saw it in a very unique way and it was still lovely to walk around the old town.

On the way back, we drove up to St Hilarion Castle and then all along the ridge road, right at the top of the Besparmak Mountains.  The single lane road runs right along the peaks, hugging the edge, pretty sheer along most of the way.  The views are stupendous: on one side the drop down to the coastal plain with the startlingly blue sea beyond; on the other side the great inland plain with the Troodos in the distance.  The mountain top is thick with pine trees, a little cooler than at sea level, and so peaceful  We barely saw another car for the whole 25 km.

Got back to the house at lunchtime and had a lovely lunch on the terrace and then an afternoon in and around the pool.   Very hot today.  Great to be in the water.

I went off for a manicure at 430 and they really went to town.  Nail art of all kinds.  Just hope I can keep it intact till Georgia’s wedding on the 23rd!!!!

This evening we all attended the Great British Curry Night at the Punjab restaurant in Lapta.  There were 16 of us on our table but perhaps a couple of hundred in attendance.  It was all in aid of the Royal British Legion.  The meal was really good and plentiful and we had a really good time.  There was a live entertainer: a Neil Diamond tribute act and he was much, much better than expected.  Excellent.  He did some other people too but it was mainly Neil Diamond.  There was a good deal of singing along and arm waving.  A great time!!!!!!  John and Sue’s last night, so it went out on a bang.