Aix en Provence plus a bbq


We have had a really fabulous day here in the Luberon region of Provence.  We slept like logs after our brilliant dinner in Cucuron last night.  We had coffee in the house but not enough for a proper breakfast so we headed off fairly sharpish around 9am.

Our destination this morning was Aix en Provence, a large town about 40 minutes drive from our villa.  We were meeting Lucy and some of her friends there for some shopping.  Our drive was beautiful: through vineyards and olive groves, to Aix itself, a city dating back to about 123 BC when it was founded by the Romans.  It still retains its historical centre and it was there we parked up and began to stroll around the narrow streets, window shopping.

We were soon driven by hunger to stop for coffee and pastries.  No wonder none of my clothes are fitting so well!!!!  We wandered upwards through the old town.  There was a market near the town hall and the church.  We found Lucy at about this time and the rest of the morning passed in a welter of shoe and dress shopping.  Bob took up position in a shady coffee shop.  There are certainly a lot of upmarket boutiques in Aix.  Some of them were really expensive and a lot of them suffer from the dreaded “only size 6” syndrome.  Still, really enjoyed it.

We met up with the rest of Lucy’s shopping party for lunch in a little bistro. Some really nice girls, in particular, so great to see her friend Sophia again.  Last time was in NYC shortly before she set off on a lone journey around South America.  Which looked fabulous from the photos she posted online.  Had a great lunch of charcuterie and cheese which I shared with Daisy, washed down by rose wine.

After lunch Bob, Daisy and I went back to the villa, leaving Lucy and co for more shopping and spray tans.  We stopped at Carrefour on the way back and got enough for a couple of dinners and breakfasts.

We spent the afternoon around the lovely pool.  We are really enjoying our Airbnb.  So very peaceful and very well equipped.  Tonight, we had a bbq in the outside dining room.  Bob grilled pork chops and large bratwurst style sausages.

After dinner we sat around the firepit, drank Armagnac, listened to music.  Bob lit the firepit, and we had amazing scented candles.  The firepit was a great accessory.  Really loved it…. must get one for Kent.

Such a lovely evening…