Last Day


Oh…. so today was our last day in Scotland.

As usual we awoke to a hearty Scottish breakfast.  Then we loaded the car and Bob ran off to the Callander butcher and bought 2 Haggis (or is it Haggi????) and 4 massive sirloin steaks, wonderfully marbled with fat.  It took longer than usual as the butcher is a chatty man and they had a lot to talk about.

Anyway, we set off from Callander at about 1030.  I must say that we have enjoyed our short Scottish break.  The Waverley Hotel is a very pleasant place to stay: dab right in the centre of town; fabulous bar; comfortable bedrooms and a more than adequate restaurant.  There are undoubtedly better restaurants in town, but if you are looking for a comfortable, quiet bed, great hearty breakfast and some pre dinner cocktails, there is no finer location than the Waverley.

The weather turned fine for us today: Blue skies and patchy clouds.  If we’d had this weather for our entire week, it would have been better.   yes….  but wisdom dictates on a visit to Scotland: expect rain, more than you think….. yes… even you.. you that come from a rainy country…. look around…. are the fields all green??? yes?….  it rains a lot here….

Have loved our break in Perthshire, around Callander.  Lots to do.  Some great restaurants… none of them poor.  So many great activities.    Come back again soon.


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