DSC01609We were up early and got the hotel shuttle to the south terminal.  It cost £3 each.  Well worth it.  Check in was smooth and we were soon airside.  Our flight was a good 30 minutes late taking off but we had a 2 hour layover in Istanbul so that was ok.  Quite a nice meal albeit breakfast rather than lunch.

Arrived into Ercan airport at 8 and were glad to see our luggage pop out on the conveyor. Always a relief.  Mehmet, the lovely chap from Gunray Car Hire, was waiting for us at the door and he helped carry our bags to the car.  It feels really warm here.  Really warm

Stopped off briefly at Starling supermarket before turning up the hill to our house.  Got some beers for Bob, two choc ices 🙂 and a tin of dog food to lure the stray dog in the morning if necessary.  The cherry and dark chocolate Magnums they have here are just amazing.  The cherry is quite sour, not sickly at all. YUM.

So lovely to get to the house.  Of course it was dark and we couldn’t see much but we could smell the jasmine and see how it was now fully over the gate arch.  Got the cases in and then sat and had a cold one on the dining terrace.  And a choc ice.

Our previous guests were nice enough to leave us a massive bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin and some tonics and some other goodies, so combined with Marion’s welcome pack we were in good shape for food and drink for tonight.  Thank you all chaps!!!!

We were tired so carried the cases up, unpacked, got the a/c on, quick showers and turned in.

No sign of the stray dog.  Will go looking in the morning.