DSC01617Sorry about the slight rant in my blog yesterday.  I think we were both a bit upset by having to take the dog off,…  Anyway, did a few more jobs this morning.  Still incredibly hot, quite windy up here too.  Rick our pool chap arrived with his little Jack Russell, Buddy.  Buddy is so cute.  He rattles round the pool with his little legs trotting away!  He likes a bit of fuss.

There is still a lot of fine dust in the air from the building work down on the ridge in Yesiltepe.  It’s getting everywhere and quite visible in the pool.  Rick gave it a good vacuuming and we are also getting the filter sand replaced. Our pool gets used a lot and the sand needs more regular refreshing than the average domestic pool would.  Will get the men up to do it next week.

Watered all the pot plants and swabbed down the dining terrace which also picks up this very fine dust.    It’s hot work.  I should have got up at 7am or something!

Exciting day today as our daughter, Daisy, arrives in Larnaca for a 2 week stay with us.  She is really looking forward to seeing the house again.  We are going to do some diving.  Our dear friends, Penny and David, are also flying in tonight,   into Ercan, the airport in Lefkosa.  We’re picking Daisy up and driving back and Pen and David are having our friendly airport transfer service.  We would normally pick them up but it would be too tight on time.

We set off south about 2pm.  It was a bit tense by then on the Penny and Dave front as their flight was late taking off from Heathrow and it was looking touch and go if they would get their connection in Istanbul to come on to Cyprus.

In the end, everyone’s flight worked out well.  We stopped very briefly at a supermarket on the way back from Larnaca and we all arrived at the house at exactly the same time.  Amazing!!!

Sat out on the terrace drinking wine, beer and coffee and ate Magnums.  Lots of talking and catching up.  It really is a lovely place to do that.

Still breezy tonight.  Looking forward to a lovely day in the sun tomorrow.

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