Lazy Days in Cyprus


So this morning we woke up late… felt very lazy.  It was boiling again… strong sun… just a breeze.

Came downstairs to make coffee and Habibi was already here, working in the garden.  Had a lovely catch up and walked around the borders, noting growth and progress.  He is such an amazing gardener.  Lots of growth from cuttings around the place.  It all looks fantastic.

Bob has started on his list of jobs.  One of the garden taps had stopped working.  We had an explosive fountain yesterday when Bob investigated so we decided we had to find the mysterious cutoff valve for that part of the water system, believed to be located under a bougainvillea near the outdoor shower.  Habibi started hacking into the enormous geranium that grows around the bougainvillea and it soon emerged from the undergrowth.  It was fitted to isolate the outdoor shower actually, but typically it is too low down the line for that and just does the two garden taps.  Still, in this instance that’s what we needed.  So, Bob switched it off and removed the broken tap.  Tomorrow when the Yapi markets (DIY) open he will buy a new one and fit it.

Habibi’s colleague, the painter, came up to look around take measurements and give us a quote for painting the outside of the house.  I had to choose 2 paint colours near to what we have now.  He will give me the price in the week so that we can save up to have it done next year some time.

Mick (our neighbour from across the road) came over and we caught up.  They have had an interesting time with their water supply.  Nice to see him and we are all going for dinner tomorrow night.

Spent the afternoon around the pool sunbathing and wallowing…. nice chat…. fabulous weather.

G&Ts around 530, Bob and Penny played cribbage…. later we had a bbq around the pool .  Big beef steaks, hasselback potatoes, sweet corn…. red wine… the sun going down…  Eventually went inside and watched one of our dvds: Galaxy Quest.  An old film but still so very funny.  I just love it.

Such a lovely day.