Lazy day at Villa Rockheart

42087294_2224134917861203_2790987087447326720_nWell, it started early.  We woke up at 6am because Pen and David were leaving us today, on a flight at 840.  Said our sad goodbyes and then Bob drove them to the airport.   It will be a big miss without them.  Always enjoy their company.  But at least we have our dear Daisy to liven us up.   I had a bit of a mooch around, got Daisy up for diving at 815.  Bob got back around 830.

It was a gorgeous day, hot and very little wind.  I felt very tired so I let Bob and Daisy go off diving and I stayed behind.  Habibi came up about 9 and chopped down some bushes etc.  I watered and made lunch.

Bob and Daisy got back at about 1145.  Although the sea was calm, there was a massive current again.  Bob was very pleased with how well Daisy coped with it.  I must say, I wasn’t sorry to have missed that.

We all spent the afternoon around the pool, in and out of the water.  Absolutely lovely.  So peaceful.  I had several naps….

Lit the bbq at about 530.  I put together a whole raft of little lamb spare ribs.  They are so sweet.  Also hasselback potatoes (quite a craze in our house at the moment!!!) and some sweet red peppers.  The little neck chops are so nice.  We ate on the terrace.  I also made a jug of rum punch.  Juiced the whole fruit bowl: pears, apples, plums, peaches…. and then added Bacardi and brandy.  Yum.

After dinner, watched some tv and ate ice cream.  An earlyish night as we are up early tomorrow to go down south for a couple of days.