Wine Tasting



The weather has turned thundery the last couple of days.  The mornings start fine and then by lunchtime, dark clouds start to gather over the mountains.  We had some rain yesterday, but mostly it just stays threatening for a while but nothing actually happens.

It’s warm enough though so we have had times out by the pool and all meals outside of course.  Last night we went down to Ambiance and had dinner by the sea which was lovely as usual.  Can never tire of that place, the views, the food and the whole…. well…. ambiance….

After dinner we drove around to the Kaya Palazzo hotel for a nosey.  It’s just across the little cove on the headland.  Wow!!! What a place!  The décor is out of the world, it must have all cost a fortune.  Really amazing.  We walked around the various bar terraces and just gawked.  Must try one of the restaurants.  I see they do a Sunday Brunch with bottomless prosecco for about £25.  Must be worth a try.

Today, we stayed around the house this morning and then went up the hill to the Etel Vineyard for 12 midday.  We had booked a tour of the winery and a full tasting.  It was really pleasant.  We had the tour of the immaculate winery – they have their first Cypriot vintage due soon.  Up until now the grapes have been shipped from their other winery in Israel.  They use French oak barrels to age the wine.  After the tour, we tasted 3 white wines and 3 red.  Generous tasting pours and the girl who took us around, who was Greek interestingly enough, was very knowledgeable.  I liked all the red wines particularly one called Terra, and I also liked the Chenin Blanc.  After the tasting we went downstairs to the wine bar and sat out overlooking the terraced vineyard and had a tapas lunch.  John and I shared a cheese plate, Bob had lamb crispy pancake rolls and Sue had a really deliciously nutty salad.  They’ve done an amazing job with the Vineyard, the hotel, winery, tasting rooms and restaurant.  It’s all beautifully laid out with great thought and taste.  Well worth a visit.

Came back and had a quiet afternoon around the house.  Bob did a bit more gully work.

Tonight we sat around the pool with the lights all lit up and bbq’d fish.  We had some mackerel and some white fish.  Lovely.  Washed down with some nice rose and white wine.  Afterwards some ice cream.  There was spectacular lightning somewhere in the distance.  No thunder or rain.  A spectacular natural show against the dark sky.