A Long Weekend in Northern Ireland!

49213305_10155692440441036_3528748725281226752_nThis year, for my birthday in November, I suggested to my daughters that they buy me an experience that we could share together.  I thought perhaps a spa day or a Turkish Bath.  But, it turned out to be far more exciting than that!  My eldest daughter has an alter ego as a food blogger FoodGoblin,

and she has had two rather fantastic press trips to Northern Ireland, and has long suggested going there for a weekend.  And so, they booked it up and we head out tomorrow at the crack of sparrows for Belfast.  I’ve never been before.  Been to Dublin a few times, but never the north and it looks spectacular.  I’m a big GOT fan too and I know a lot of the locations are filmed around there so we’re going to visit them… and so much else.   The eating ought to be good.  Lucy’s got some ideas for that of course……

The only bit I’m not looking forward to is the early morning coach ride to Stansted from East London and the subsequent flight on Ryanair, an airline I stopped using some years ago.  In my opinion, they are a mob run by a buffoon who deserve the eventual bankruptcy that will inevitably come their way….. however….  so be it!!!!  Teeth well gritted….. off we go!  My reward will be a lovely brunch at the market in Belfast… maybe some sausages….. and then the Titanic Museum