Back to Chaudhi


We had to go back to Chaudhi this morning to pick up our glasses which were ready at the optician.  Plus a few other errands.  The shops don’t really get going till 0930, so we had breakfast at Eve’s with Gloria and set off about 0915.

It’s a lovely walk and I took some pictures along the way.  There are lots of crumbly (and not so crumbly!!) houses nestling in the trees, banana plantations, cows, storks, sleeping dogs and all sorts to see along the way.

First call was the Chemist or the “Druggist” as the shops are labelled hereabouts.  We needed supplies for Gloria.  No problem, got a whole range of modern and homeopathic treatments for her.

I wanted some beaded yin yang bracelets and got them made to order by the bead man.  He has a whole raft of them: wooden, seaded, stone, glass…..  I got 4 for 800 rupees and was pleased.

Then on to the cashpoint where we stocked up with cash again.  Some for Mr Durba, the optician, who doesn’t take a credit card.

Our glasses were all ready.  I have a pair of photochromatic distance prescription glasses and a pair of bifocal sunglasses.  The sunglasses are both blue framed and dark blue lenses.  I’m really pleased with them.  He put them in some cases for me with diamante decorations!!!!! Something for the ladies……   Bob got another pair of varifocal photochromatic lenses put into his new Specsaver frames and a pair of varifocal sunglasses put into his previous sunglasses.  Highly delighted and we have saved about £1000 at least.

We were just going to get a tuk tuk back when Shuresh, our favourite driver, pulled up and scooped us up.  It was so hot in Chaudhi!  We had a lie down in the cool when we got back to the room before heading down to the beach.

Nice afternoon on the beach.  Had quite a few swims.  Mark came down and played Scrabble with Bob and Gloria.  He’s a very good player.  Got back to the room just after 4pm.  Had  a message from John and Susan in Udaipur that their latest grandson was born today!  Lovely news.

Tonight we had dinner with Gloria at Namaste on the beach.  Just lovely sitting there under the stars.  I had kingfish in a rawa (like semolina) crumb with stir fry veg and Bob had prawn masala with rice and a butter nan.  I had g&ts and Bob had 2 Tom Collins.  Our bill was £12 which was pretty good considering we were absolutely full up.  Prices have gone up here a bit, but it is still very cheap against anywhere else we’ve visited.