Quizes and Food!


Yesterday we returned to the Big Quiz!   This time we were too many to join forces with Mark’s team, so we had our own group: Bob and I; John and Susan; Nick and Jan; Gloria.  We ate first (pizza which was a rare naughty treat).  The quiz was quite challenging especially the picture round which was much harder than last week.  We were not at all hopeful, so were very surprised and pleased when we came joint first!!!! Unfortunately there was a tie breaker question which was one of those “whoever is numerically nearest to the correct answer” and we didn’t get it.  We would have been right if the boys had listened to Susan but as it was a space engineering question, well….. they felt they knew best! LOLOL  Still, no hard feelings this week and we were just pleased to have actually come joint first on the actual quiz.

Have spent our days on the beach as usual.  Much more beaching this year than in previous years.  I think we will start to be much more active when our big group of friends arrive but at the moment it is just too tempting to chill at Salida.

Tonight we went to Dropadi in Palolem for dinner.  Shiresh our favourite tuk tuk driver drove us and picked us up.  He is such a sweet man.  Dinner was excellent as usual.  Its so buzzy there, packed out and justifiably so.  I had 4 bean Balti which was a mixed lentil and bean dish with some grated cheese.  It is really delicious, one of my Dropadi favourites.  Bob had chicken hyderabadi which was chicken pieces in a coriander and mint sauce and it was HOTOTOTOT.

We tuked back to Eves and had a last drink in the garden.

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