An Exciting Few Days

alliedaisyIt’s been an exciting few days.  Bob, Chris, Penny and David have played a round of golf.  Chris is a total natural despite having not played for a good while.  They had a good time.

Last night we went quizzing as a 6 man team.  Despite achieving a score of 42 (winning score in previous weeks) we were pipped by a team that got 47!  An almost perfect score.  Had a great time despite that, and I wolfed down a delicious vegetarian pizza.  Had some problems getting tuk tuks home but Penny and I managed and Dave, Joe and Chris walked.

Bob had to leave a bit early to drive up to the airport with Christopher the taxi driver, to pick Daisy up.  Her flight landed at about midnight plus 15 minutes.  He got her checked in at Salida del Sol and then Christopher’s friend gave him a ride back to Eve’s on a motorbike!!!  Got back around 3am.  So great to have her here though.

So this morning, came down to find Stuart and Fi already here and enjoying a coffee waiting for their room to be ready.  They are in the corner upstairs room that Nick and Jan have just vacated.  Lovely to see them.  I went down to Salida and secured some beach loungers.   Then went and knocked on Daisy’s door as instructed at 9am.  To her credit, she was in good humour, especially as the cat had taken up residence on her patio lounge chair.

By the time she was showered and up, Bob was at the shack and Fi and Stuart and we all had breakfast together.  Stuart and Fi then pegged out on their loungers and promptly fell asleep.  As you do, after an overnight flight from the UK.

Penny, Joe, Dave and Chris were off on a visit to the spice farm.  They got back around 3pm and had really enjoyed it.

Daisy needed a few things so we went shopping on the beach road.  Great excitement amongst the traders to scent fresh blood!  She bought 2 bikinis, a lovely halter necked beach maxi dress, a pair of leather espadrille sandals and some toothpaste!  It all came to about £30.

Spent the afternoon sunbathing and swimming.  Everyone else also played loads of cribbage and backgammon.

Tonight we all ate at Namaste under the stars.  A very good evening.  Such lovely company out here.  Even more arriving in the next couple of days in the run up to Bob’s Big Birthday!  It really is a bit Best Exotic Marigold Hotel out here in that we can live very well on an absolute pittance whilst enjoying the company of lots of great people of our own age, get more exercise…..