Gibraltar and the Art Sale


Spent today steaming down just off the coast of Spain, reaching Gibraltar around 6pm. Waved to various friends along the way (obv we couldn’t actually SEE them lol but we knew they were there!). A lovely sunny day, about 16C but very windy. Maybe Force 7. This ship doesn’t even quiver though, steady as a rock.

A busy day. This afternoon was the big charity sale event and our art group was putting in a lot of our work for it. In fact we had been making some things specially for it i.e. notecards, bookmarks, gift tags, as well as paintings. Bob and I were helping Viv and Geoff set up and there was a lot to do. The paintings needed to be sorted and priced, some needed to be put onto card and mounted….. we worked steadily till about 1145 and then broke for lunch. There was an impressive body of work it must be said. Went back after lunch and we got the tables set up etc. It was in the Queens Room Ballroom and there were other stalls too of course. The arts and crafts people had a table. There was a tombola, various “Guess the ??” type stalls and a large Second Hand Rose section where passengers had donated things they didn’t want. Some of them very nice indeed. Bob got a really good Nautica jacket for $5. We could have done with it in Petra!!!! Lots of people came to the event. We sold loads of stuff and made well over $1000 just on our art. Amazingly Bob and I sold some of our paintings too. I had done a few “old faithfuls” ie the Beagle, a black Labrador (titled Dexter Dawg!), a Jack Russell titled “Chester Listening….” And a Lobster. They all sold.

Had tea afterwards to help our feet recover! Knackered. It was also a special food day today, the chefs made a huge number of chocolate concoctions: cakes, mousses, gateaux, lollipops, cupcakes, doughnets…. You name it! Plus Ice sculptures. Irrisistible. People were taking literally bowlfuls of the hand made chocolates away to secrete in their cabins. They are delicious. I ate a few but didn’t take any away with me…. Basically I need to eat them like I need a hole in the head!!!!! Still… one or two… just to show willing!

Listened to John McCarthy talk about his experiences as a longtime hostage in the Middle East. Unimaginably terrifying. He is a very good public speaker. Quite outstanding.

Good dinner tonight with our lovely tablemates and then a theatre show: 2 women violinists who played a lively set. Looking forward to Lisbon tomorrow.