The Sun Returns


Well, quite unexpectedly, the weather returned to summer again today as we travelled north along the coast of Portugal towards the Bay of Biscay. It was actually hot again and in the afternoon we lay out beside the pool and in fact I went swimming. That was really nice
In the morning we had art and then late morning we were invited to a special cocktail party with the Captain and the most senior officers. Quite a relaxed affair and some nice glasses of champagne. No doubt why I fell asleep beside the swimming pool 😊 Had an interesting chat to the Sales Director of Cunard.

Tonight it was our last formal evening and vaguely Roaring Twenties themed. Our tablemates looked very swish in their headbands and with cigarette holders etc. We were a bit dull by comparison in just plain evening dress. After dinner we went to the show which was a 60s band called The Rerun Project. Made up of previous members of 10CC and the Moody Blues. They were absolutely fantastic, easily the best act we’ve seen on the ship this time. The theatre was full and everyone was really enjoying it. They played a lot of 10CC and Moody Blues tunes of course but also did a brilliant version of one of the main songs from Jeff Lynn’s War of the Worlds, “The Eve of the War”.
Had a midnight walk around the empty deck under a misty moon. We are already in Biscay but it is very calm. Hardly a wave!

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