Readying Villa Rockheart


We are spending our last few days in Cyprus, finishing jobs around the house and enjoying as much of the amazing weather as we can.  The painter is still working in the house in the evenings.  He got first coats on last night and is coming back tonight to finish.  I have chosen a light lilac for the middle bedroom and am very pleased with how it looks so far.  Pictures before we leave.

Last night we had our first bbq since we arrived which was very nice.  So enjoying sitting out at night, watching the sun go down over a nice glass of something.  We will probably bbq again tonight.

We have got though an enormous amount of work in these 10 days and will definitely just be relaxing when we come back in June.

This afternoon I packed a soft bag that we are taking with us to Turkey on Friday.  We are spending two weeks on a sailing yacht (tune in for that blog) cruising down the coast of Lycia, so no room for a big suitcase.  The rest of our things have to be packed into the suitcases and locked up in our store till we come back.  Really looking forward to our sailing adventure.  I haven’t been sailing for 9 years which is unbelievable because we used to go every year.  Bob has been a few times in the interim, but not me. I am so looking forward to it.

Anyway, we fly to Antalya first thing Friday morning and then overnight there before getting the bus to Fethiye on Saturday.  Arrive about lunchtime and meet our friends, Stuart, Fi and John.  We hope to be away from the dock for about 4pm.

So,  after we’d finished our jobs, we jumped into the pool for the first time since we arrived!  Bliss!  And because there is absolutely no one around up here, we just jumped in!  Nuff said!  Don’t worry!  No pictures were taken during this episode!

Still burning our frankincense of an evening.  What a delicious smell!!!  If you are visiting the Middle East, particularly Oman, pick yourself up a bag if you like incense.  I got a bag that will last nearly a year for about £12.  So much nicer than incense sticks.  Although, it does make a lot of smoke, so best outside or in a very well ventilated room.