Sailing from Kas to Kekova Roads: Kale Koy

Today we were sailing to the southernmost point of our journey: Kale Koy in the Kekova Roads, a narrow passage between Kekova Island and the mainland.  It’s a fascinating area because of the many ruins of ancient Simena which was located here.  Some of the ruins are under the water or semi submerged in the water as a result of earthquakes in the 2nd Century AD.

Last night we ate overlooking the sea.  Stuart and I both had the seafood platter.  It was amazing.  After dinner we walked around the old part of Kas which is very picturesque.  I bought a hamaam style dressing gown.  Lovely cotton.  We had coffee and brandies on the square and turned in tired but happy.  Really like Kas.

We breakfasted on the boat and went to pay the harbourmaster for our mooring.  It was about £20 per night including power and water.  Pretty good because we were using the air conditioning a lot.  Smiley came up with a massive bag of fruit for us and 2 fresh loaves of warm bread.  He wouldn’t take any money for them.  What a nice man.

We cast off our lines at about 0930 and after a slight struggle with the anchor winch, we were away.  Glassy calm sea again and little or no wind.  We motored out of the bay and tried at one point to sail but it was painfully slow.  John, jumped off and had a swim.  We saw several turtles swimming on the surface near us.   There are quite a few islands in this area, most look uninhabited.  Some belong to Turkey, some to Greece.  Very undeveloped along the coastline.  I suppose the lack of beaches inhibits building.

It was about 16 nm to Kale Koy and we got in at about midday.  There are 4 or 5 tavernas along the waterfront and they have all built wooden jetties out at right angles into the sea.  As we came in, several competing taverna owners stood on the end of their respective jetties waving their arms trying to entice us in.  We went for the one on the furthest left: Hasan Roma Restaurant.  We were soon alongside.

The water is just brilliantly clear here and we swam off the back of the boat and went to visit some of the nearby rock tombs sticking up out of the water.  This area was ceded to the Knights of Rhodes in crusader times and they built a castle on the hill above Kale Koy, on top of Simenan ruins.  We’ve clambered up to it before and the views are stupendous and there is a small Greek style theatre up there too.  Stuart, John and Fi went up for a visit.

We also took the inflatable across to Kekova Island to see the submerged ruins.  You can clearly see houses and built structures along the water’s edge and staircases descending into the water.  Swimming is banned so we couldn’t dive down to visit but we peered through the water and you could see structures.  Some of the walls above water still had painted stucco on them.

More swimming and sunbathing.  Lots of fish around the boat and a visit from a turtle at one point.  An idyllic spot.

Tonight we ate at the restaurant attached to our pontoon!  A table right beside the water, under the castle….  Stuart, John and I shared a simply enormous sea bass, grilled.  The biggest I have ever seen.  Fi and Bob had lamb shish.  We also had 4 meze plates, bread, chips, rice, salad and uncle tom cobbley and all, 2 bottles of wine, water and beer.  Watermelon came free.  John had ice cream.  Stuart and Bob had coffee.  It came to £24 each.  Our most expensive meal to date but also the best.  It is so quiet and peaceful here.  I say again: an idyllic spot!