A Day at the Villa

A really lovely day around our pool.  Well…. for some of us.  After breakfast, Bob headed off on some diy type errands: a new seal for the family bathroom shower; a picture of mine which had been framed and (utter shame) returning a fleece throw to Merym’s Hotel which I had packed by accident believing (honest officer) that it was a wrap I’d gained in Turkey…. Anyway, all successful.

Joe and I had breakfast and more yabber and then took to the pool. So hot again today and lovely blue skies.  Spent all day out there really, lots of swimming.

After a bit of a rest, we all met up at 7pm for g&ts on the terrace and then went down to the Tervetuloa restaurant for dinner at about 8.  The food was fine tonight but it was all a bit chaotic and not like the normal at all.  No sign of the lady owner.  Joe and I had lamb chops and Bob had pork chops.  All yum and surrounded by meze, a sweet plate and brandy and coffee.

Came home and sat out on the terrace yabbering and drinking Cyprus brandy.

Such a good day….

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