Scuba Diving in the Pool and Dinner at the Vineyard

We all slept in a bit this morning then decided we would have a quiet day around the pool.  Blissful sunning and swimming all morning.  Had lunch around 1pm just as thunderclouds grew over the mountains and thunder started crashing!  We’d just come in when the rain started so there was much dashing around bringing chair cushions inside.  Joe was quite transfixed by the thunderstorm and watched it from the doorway.  the rain absolutely hammered down for about 20 minutes and then it all cleared away.

We had lunch in the kitchen anyway.    By the time we’d finished, it was all sunny again.  We went back to our loungers.  Joe had expressed an interest in trying scuba again after having a go years ago in Jamaica.  So Bob got a set of kit up from our store and Joe had a go in the shallow end of our pool.  He did really well and I’m sure given time in a steady environment, he could definitely do it.

As evening began, the chaps played cribbage and we had g&ts and watched the sun go down.  A good one tonight.

We went up to the Etel Vineyard for dinner.  Such a glamorous location and definitely a fine dining aspiration.  Somehow or other it just misses the full package for me.  I dont quite know what it is, because the food is good and the wine is good.  We shared starters – a Cyprus tomato salad and prawns in a potato biscuit nest.  Then I had lamb chops with artichoke puree, Bob had veal tenderloin in an apple and white wine sauce, Joe had king prawns with pappardelle in a carbonara style sauce.  All was very nice without being knock your socks off and it is undoubtedly the most expensive place we will eat.

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