Denver Arrival!

A long and tedious day…..  Our flight from Gatwick to Denver was at 4pm on Norwegian Airways and we took off on time.  The flight was smooth and the food was good, no complaints there.  It was just…… long…… 9.5 hours… and the entertainment system was poor.  About 16 films and none of them were good…..  Luckily I had my kindle loaded up.  It was also made the longer by the fact that the flight tracking/mapping system wasn’t working so you had no idea at all where you were or how faIMG_20190818_181439r along.  Never mind.

We landed at 705pm local time and had a long wait – maybe 30 minutes to be gated.  After that it was very fast through immigration and customs and into the baggage hall.  Baggage arrived in stops and starts but the good news was it all arrived!

We were booked at the Marriott Residence Inn Airport Convention Centre and they had a free shuttle.  It was outside waiting at the meeting point.  We leapt aboard and in about 15 minutes were deposited at the hotel.  Except…… it was the wrong Residence Inn.  The chap on the desk was mega unhelpful at first.  No, he wasn’t allowed to call us a cab.  That would make him and the hotel liable!!  What for???  in the end he mellowed gave us a telephone number and two free beers.  One cab 20 minutes and 20 dollars later we were in the right Residence Inn.

Very comfortable spacious studio room and we were glad to flop into bed.  Tucked up by 10pm which is after all 5am British time.  Set alarms for 7am!

You’ve got to love long distance air travel