Rainy Day in Jackson.

Woke up to quite heavy rain as was the forecast.  We had breakfast downstairs – free, thank you Marriott!

We decided to have a walk around Jackson and see if the weather would clear.  It’s a very picturesque town centre, around a park square. Each corner of the square has an arch of antler horns!  That’s different!  The pavements are all raised wooden boardwalks.

It’s very high end.  When you see a large realty firm town centre is Sothebys, you know you have an area where there’s a lot of money.  And the shops reflect that.  I have never seen so many art galleries, selling really top end paintings and sculpture.  Clearly when you buy your $4.5 million (cheap ones) holiday home, you don’t want to decorate it with tasteless, cheap art!!!!  We went in a lot of stores and looked, but everything was just soooo expensive.

One lovely thing was the old theatre.  The oldest building in town.  It is professionally run and currently showing a musical based on Huckleberry Finn.  The tickets are $40 each just for the show.  You can buy a dinner package and eat in the attached saloon first.  It’s a bit outside our budget this time but I would love to go.  They let us look into the little auditorium.  Very nice.

We had a visit to TJ Maxx.  I was looking for a thermal coat, which I found.  A really nice black, knee length one by Cole Haan.  Black down but slimline so I don’t look too much of a walking blimp which is something I dislike about puffer jackets.  It will serve me well I suspect in the coming weeks.

Eventually, the continuing rain and the prices drove us back to the Springhill Suites.  We had a sushi lunch – thank you Albertons.  It wouldnt thrill you, but it was quite edible.   I did some laundry and my hair and then started uploading photos into albums on Facebook.  Am doing one album per National Park and then a Road Trip album which will hold the rest.  Have had some really nice feedback from the TripAdvisor community on the blog.  Only fair as they gave me so much help in the planning.

Late afternoon we decided to go to the cinema.  There are several options in town.  We went to a small multiplex on the edge of town to see “Angel has Fallen”, the third in the Gerard Butler series about a presidential secret service agent.  The critics hate them, but the public love them and they do mega business.  A lovely complex of 4 screens and cheap – we paid $6 each for reserved senior (!!!) seats.  And they were lovely seats.  Massive with total recline and of course cupholders.  Nicer seats than the premier ones you get in the UK and at about half the price.  We will go again a few times over the next couple of weeks if possible as we want to see “Ad Astra” and also the Downton movie…. yes I know…. but I do enjoy it.

Back to the hotel and another in-room dinner washed down with some nice wine.  Bob even had a starter of fresh clam chowder from Albertsons.  Up early in the morning to be off shortly after 6am to try and see some moose in Grand Teton National Park.  Wish us luck!!!