Snow, Snow, Snow!

It was snowing when we woke up and there was already about 3 inches on the ground.  Temperatures outside were well below freezing all day.  So, the forecasts were totally correct.

It looked beautiful outside.  The fir trees were heavily covered in snow, the aspens were not – leaves not strong enough – and they looked fantastic, bright yellow against the white of the snow.  My photos look like one of those digital tricks where you take all the colour out except for one colour.

We noticed that the roads and the pavements within the resort were all completely clear of snow or ice and wondered about that.  Then we saw a slight steam rising and we realised that they must be heated.  That explained why they were so clear.  The roads nearby were also soon cleared though.

We went out at about 11am and walked up the hill behind the resort, just to get some air and see what we could see.  It was very pretty.  We were amused that a few people were in the heated pools in the resort.  They said the pools were actually hot.  Hmmm…. it must have been refreshing!  I was glad to have my thick puffer coat on.

Took some pictures.  By this time there must have been 10-12 inches of snow fallen.  We had to laugh thinking about how this would be positively apocalyptic in southern England.  The world would have ended!  All traffic and public transport brought to a halt….. cars abandoned…. food air drops required!!!! LOLOL  I suppose when you get feet of snow every single year without fail you are going to be better prepared than we are in the UK.

We spent the day in the condo getting things ready for our move back to Denver tomorrow.  We have 3 suitcases and the Igloo Ice Box as checked baggage for our flight to Boston on Saturday. We have packed one case that we won’t need to open till we’re home in the UK ie things we won’t need in New England or on the sail home.  We have also started packing one suitcase that we will just open on the ship.  So, we should be fine in New England with just one case getting opened. We are only there for 5 days.   At least the weather on the east coast is still in the warm zone.

I’m so glad we’ve seen some snow.  We expected to, by the end of our stay here in the mountains but it had begun to look as though we wouldn’t.  I can’t believe how fast the temperature has plummeted – over 40 degrees F in the last 24 hours…..  Yesterday we were out in t shirts.  Today, there’s a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures tonight are going to be -17C.

Tomorrow we check out of Breckenridge and have about a 2 hour drive to Denver.  We’ll leave it till late morning to set off, to let the roads clear some more. Hoping the skies clear, despite it remaining cold, so that we get to see the mountain peaks covered in snow against blue sky.  Today, it was too closed in to see anything at a distance.



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