Sunshine and Art

IMG_20191019_120430Our second day at sea! Bob had breakfast – I had a lie-on in bed!

We went up to art at 930 and worked there all morning. There is a morning and an afternoon session. When it’s quiet (like this trip) you could go to both if you like but the teaching is the same. We generally prefer the morning one. Today, the tutor was teaching the colour wheel which we’ve done before so we worked on our own projects. Bob began a watercolour of a stylised view of the QM2 against a backdrop of New York. I began work on a rather “primitive” style watercolour of a harbour scene with boats. I got about half way through by lunchtime. It was quite a lot of drawing.
Up to lunch – sushi and sashimi as usual. At lunchtime, the first of the “clock forwards” happened and midday became 1pm. We have 5 hours to move forward by the time we get to Southampton. By now the sun had come out through the clouds and we had a couple of hours of nice sunshine. We are just below the Grand Banks.  No other ships in sight.  We walked a circuit of the ship and then lay out in the sun on one of the rear decks, reading. Again some people were in the pool and hot tubs. The pool must presumably be heated – I shall have to stick a toe in. In the end I was falling asleep, so we had to make a move. We walked some more and then sat down in one of the lounges, but I was falling asleep again!!!!!
There was quite a lot of things on this afternoon. The RADA troop gave a performance of Much Ado About Nothing. We saw a couple of very good talks. One from a current 747 pilot who had a long previous career in the RAF as a fighter pilot and in the Red Arrows. He was an excellent speaker and had quiet a trove of interesting and exciting stories: flying the Queen and Prince Philip on a specially adapted Royal Plane, training fighter pilots in Anglesey, shadowing and photographing Russian jets’ incursions int UK air space…. Look forward to a future talk. We also watched George McGhee who we’ve seen before. He’s a film historian who used to be in charge of acquisitions for the BBC. He gave a talk on Alfred Hitchcock which was very interesting and enjoyable. Always a stock of information, stories and film clips.

Tonight at about 830pm we passed about 100 miles due south of the site of the wreck of the Titanic.

Good dinner tonight. We broached a nice bottle of Oz red we’d brought aboard. There never seems to be an issue with Cunard and bringing drinks on. Our steward got us a couple of glasses and we took two large ones into dinner with us. I had a sirloin as my main tonight with truffle mash and fried kale. It was very nice. Perfectly cooked. I checked out the Cinderella ladies on the next table. Not black tie tonight but they had a very strange pair of outfits on again. Long chiffon evening gowns of ill chosen tightness and fascinators…. This is clearly going to be an ongoing amusement.

After dinner we went to the show. It was three young British chaps, ex West End, called The Knights. They were outstanding. Great voices and even some dancing too. An absolute wonder with some of the moves that they didn’t split their trousers LOLOL possibly some disappointment in the audience that this didn’t happen…..