Last Gala Day

A bit of a change in pattern today. We were invited to a special cocktail party with the Captain and Officers at 1115 – for Platinum and Diamond Cunard cruisers. So, that would have interrupted our watercolour class too much, result being we had a late get-up, a late breakfast, a trot around the shops and then went for our champagne. Well… Bob had spicy bloody marys. There were even canapes at this one. They’ve been conspicuously absent at the other Cunard cocktail parties this voyage. We sat on the edge of the dance floor and two very elderly ladies joined us. They were both terribly posh, probably pushing 80, and split their time between the US, London and the Cotswolds. To be frank both of them were pretty dotty in that way that the very upper class rich English can be. Camp as nine bob bits, complete with waving hands, rolling eyes, “oh my dears” etc etc. It was all very delightful. One of them had travelled the world with her husband, been on the cover of various magazines, the first in the 60s when she was pictured with Brian Jones of the Stones, a picture that cost her a place at Oxford when her ladies college declined to recommend her as a result(not our type of gel….) and the other one had been in show business having started out as a Red Coat post war with Billy Butlin. We were then joined by two of their acquaintances, a pair of gay Americans from Cape Cod. Cunard is very gay friendly, very gay central, particularly on the transatlantic crossing.

A bit of lunch and then we rushed off to the theatre to see the RADA group put on a Victorian melodrama. It was only 30 minutes but great fun. Lots of oohing and ahhing and boohing. Came out of that and pegged out on the rear terrace as usual. It was unexpectedly warm. More people were in the pool. A few more ships beginning to be visible now as we approach more travelled waters.

The last of the gala nights tonight: black tie and Roaring Twenties if you wanted to have a theme. It was a fabulous dinner: escargots, lobster, beef wellington, monkfish…. Lots of other choices. And they did the chef’s parade when the 100+ kitchen staff come out in their chef whites and parade through and everyone cheers and waves their napkins. Then they are introduced. They do a fantastic job turning out so many meals. Now, a disappointment. I took my camera to capture then next table and….. they were very downkey tonight. Weird. I will take it tomorrow in case the big dresses reappear.
After dinner we went to see the show which was a musical featuring music from Broadway shows. It was superb – amazing costumes and they put such energy into it.

Tomorrow is our last sea day. We dock in Southampton at 7am on Friday morning. Quite a lot on tomorrow. We’ve been invited to a wine tasting free of charge for World Club members.