In Search of Paradise: Cabo de Rama Beach

Occasionally, on the way back from a shopping jaunt to Margao, I would ask the taxi driver to take the old coastal road, through the Portugese heartland and make a stop at the Cabo de Rama fort.  From the walls, the coastal views are stunning and in particular of Cabo de Rama beach, about a mile or so north, a beautiful white crescent backed by thick palm forest.  “I must go there”, I would say…. and then almost forget.  This year we were determined to visit what many people believe is the most beautiful beach in Goa.

Clive, our hotel owner mustered 3 taxis to take our party of 14 at 9am and we went with a parcel of samosas from the chai shop just in case there wasn’t a shack on the beach.  The journey takes about 40 minutes, a pretty route through woodland and farmlands, rice fields.  Every so often you see colourful houses through the trees or small altars along the road.  The cabs got to the cliffs atop the beach and then took us as far over a rough track as they dared.  We then had about a 100 yard walk and a set of about 50 steps to descend down to the beach.

The beach is absolutely idyllic.  White sand, or maybe champagne coloured.  A palm forest behind.  One shack with excellent loos.  A fresh water lagoon at the back full of fish and a sort of mussel.  There are rocks at either end of the beach and then just the blue sea.  A nice swell there today which we enjoyed playing and jumping in.  Then just lots of sunning, reading, game playing in the shack, wallowing in the lagoon…..  A fab day out and I must now do it again.

The cabs came back for us at 3.  I definitely recommend it for a day out from Patnem.

In other news:  the beach beds and umbrellas are back.  That didn’t take long, eh…. my back is delighted.  We had another visit to Magic View for pizza and pasta and to Boomshankar for extra strong cocktails as the sun set…. divine as usual.

Yesterday two more friends, Deborah and David, arrived for an extended stay.  We met them in Cyprus where they have a house near us.   Always fun.