Beach Days, The Quiz and Dinners

Tuesday is Quiz Night at Tantra on Patnem Beach.  It’s a new quiz this year and really excellent.  Everyone pays 100 rupees and the entire pot goes to the winning team.  It was very close this week and our team was in the top five up to the last round, when we faltered.  Never mind… next week will see our revenge!!

Days have been spent on the beach at Salida mostly.  Some of our lot went back to Cabo de Rama beach on Wednesday and had a lovely time there.  Wednesday night we went into Palolem and ate at Dropadi, one of our favourite restaurants.  It was Daisy’s choice as she was coming to the end of her two weeks here and hadn’t been yet.  Fab food as usual.  I had a crab biriani.  Delicious but quite spicy.  All were there except Deborah and David as Deborah has gone down with the dread lurgy and is not well at all.  Hope she’s better soon.

Thursday was Daisy’s last day so we made the most of the beach during the day and then went down to Casa Fiesta for sunset cocktails and dinner.  It was the best sunset I’ve seen this year, the sun visible all the way down as it disappeared into the sea.  Really magnificent.  We had margaritas and other cocktails and a very happy time.  It has been such a joy for Bob and I to have Daisy here with us for a couple of weeks.  She loves it here as much as we do, so no doubt she’ll be back in the future.

We got back to Eve’s and had a nightcap waiting for Daisy’s airport car at 10.  Then we all waved her off…..