Golf, Ladies Lunch, Pedicures and 1917

We went a variety of different ways this morning.  Bob, Stuart, Eddie and David went to the Lalit hotel and played a round of golf fortified by fried egg rolls fresh from the chai shop.  Fi and I spent the morning at the beach.  John and Sue went to Palolem and had a fab river trip to see the eagles.

Fi and I went into Palolem at lunchtime and met up with Pamela and Deborah at Candlelight Arts, our favourite jeweller.  He’s already had business from our party.  We’ve bought things from him over the years, he’s made us pieces and we have found him to be both skilled and honest.  Anyway, he was so pleased to see me and gave me a big welcome.  I have a little repair necessary to my coin necklace which he’s going to do.

Deborah was looking much better after her 3 day horror bout.  Glad to see her up and about again.  We had lunch at Zest and Susan joined us after the bird tour.  The food was good – Fi and I shared the meze place – but it was very very slow service.  Too slow for lunchtime.

Afterwards, Fi and I went to Amore beauty parlour and had pedicures.  Very necessary after weeks of walking in sandals through the dust and sand.  My feet are looking pristine again and they are the only salon in the area that offers shellac gel polish.

Just time for a quick shower when we got back and then down to Nada Brahma for the film, 1917.  It was just Bob and I , Stuart and Fi tonight.  Sheena and Dave went to Chef Rahul’s cookery school for a session.  John, Sue, Gloria and Joe ate at Home.  We really enjoyed the film.  Not perhaps as much as Jojo Rabbit, and definitely not as much as Rocketman.  Of course there wasn’t a performance in it like Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker…. but very well shot and an excellent film.  Brought home what the front must have been like, I thought.

At one point tonight the power failed in Patnem and as the lights went out, the sky lit up.  Massive full moon and an incredible star show, the Plough so clearly visible and so many more.  Then the lights came back on and the stars dimmed…. The moon was amazing though,