Departures and heat…

The weather has turned hotter in the last few days, the sky absolutely cloudless.  You really do need to have a sun shade on the beach.  The sea is fabulous.  So warm and very calm.  I must go in about 6 times a day and stay in a good long time.

Last night one party of our friends went to cookery class in Palolem at Chef Rahul’s cookery school.  It’s such fun and great value.  You make about 5 different dishes in the space of about 3 hours and then eat all your creations.  we’ve been several times.  We didn’t go because it was Gloria’s last night so we ate dinner with her, John and Susan and Joe at Zest, the vegetarian restaurant in Palolem.  I had the Mexican Bowl again which was very good.

We all met up again for late night drinks at Eve’s.

Bob and I had breakfast with Gloria this morning before her taxi came and then headed down to the beach.  It was boiling.  In the afternoon, Bob played canasta with John, Susan and Dave.  It’s become the favourite afternoon game this year.  Quite the thing!!  Today, was Sheena and Dave’s last day.  Their stay has gone so fast.  Both are looking quite tanned and rested.  They’ll be back next year.

Tonight Sheena and Dave had dinner a deux on the beach and the rest of us went to Cherry Olive aka The Pie Shop in Palolem.  Just absolutely excellent again.  Meals were a mix of fillet steak, steak pie, fisherman’s pie and cauliflower cheese.  Super chips.  Very good service from the friendly staff.  It’s incredible value.  Bob and I had 6 double gins, 4 bottles of Schweppes tonic, 1 fillet steak dinner and 1 steak pie dinner and our bill was £14.  Amazing place.

Back to Eve’s for a last drink with Sheena and Dave and their friends, Maureen and Janice came along too.  They live in Torrevieja in Spain where my parents had an apartment for many years.  Nice memories.

A very lovely day.