Riva Beach Club

Brilliant weather again today – high 20s and cloudless.  We decided to go to another Ladies Day at a different beach club.  This time Riva, a restaurant out on the Palm proper, facing towards the Burg Al Arab and Dubai downtown in the distance.

The deal for me was access and 3 free drinks for 65 AED – about £13.70.  Apart from the cocktails, this gave me access to loungers, umbrellas, a towel, the pool and the beach.  Bob was £16 and no free drinks.  Anyway, it’s a lovely place.  Not right up there with the Kempinski one or the One and Only but very, very nice and for the price a bargain.  We went to the beach and bagged a massive double bed lounger right at the water’s edge.

A fab relaxing day then proceeded.  The water out on the Palm is colder than on the shore.  Although they have dumped all this stuff and sand in to make the island and the beaches, it is still out there in deep water.  The water coming in is quite cold – well, about 22C.  I mean…. not icy…. but not tropical either.  Very clear though and we managed a lot of swimming, albeit brief.

The drinks were really good.  Proper drinks, not like at Barasti where the free drinks are very sugary, watery mixes.  I got 3 cuba libras which we both like and they were GOOD.

We plan to go back tomorrow when it is not Ladies Day but there is still a deal at 120 AED for the two of us to have use of the facilities but no free drinks.  Ah well….  We bought lunch and it was excellent.  We shared a massive cheese and bacon  burger and chips.  It was £17.80 so  by no means cheap but it was a truly excellent  burger and it filled us   both up.

News on the Costa cruise front.  We spoke to them today and they assured us that no one from Italy, China, Iran or any of the off limits countries will be allowed to board the ship – either passengers or crew.  And we can definitely get off in Crete and not continue on to any of the Italian ports.  Easyjet fly home from Crete so that will work for us.  There was a faint suggestion that we might be getting an email from them, so I am still wondering if they will make some sort of dramatic change to the itinerary or even cancel.  If that happens then we will get a full refund and I believe a flight home.  Actually really looking forward to this trip so am hoping that it goes ahead.  Of course, the absence of Italians etc does not mean someone else with coronavirus may not be aboard…..  We will see what occurs over the next few days and what we feel on Saturday.

In good news, I have been feeling back to normal the last couple of days but I still have some congestion which is slowly going away.  Still, it is great to feel healthy and normal again.

Ate in again.  We are eating in at least half and half this week.  By way of economising ahead of Friday when we are going to the top brunch day in Dubai.