Phew! That’s a Relief!

So, today was the real start of the “travel corridors” between the UK and a large number of other countries meaning that the UK will not require visitors from those countries to quarantine on arrival. And of course, the idea being that those countries will not require Brits to quarantine on arrival!!!!

I was starting to get a bit twitchy that perhaps France wouldn’t reciprocate… I don’t know why! Anyway, big relief later today to see the advice on the FCO website change to stop warning against all but essential travel to France and also that citizens of the UK will not now be required to self isolate on arrival or provide a serious reason for entering the country. Wanting to drink French wine and eat their food may or may not be deemed a serious reason.

Our covid numbers continue to drop which is a great thing and this is reflected in the opening up of travel opportunities to Brits. Cyprus, where we have a house, has been in a strict lockdown for entering tourists, having only opened the borders at the beginning of July. They have today announced that from July 16th, UK citizens will only need to do one week’s supervised quarantine, rather than the 2 weeks. There are also 3 covid tests required. One before flying. One on arrival. And one just before release from quarantine. Hoping very much that from mid August, if all continues successfully, these requirements will be even further relaxed to allow us to just test on arrival. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, full steam ahead now for our car journey to Paris on Thursday next.