A Day At the Marriott Pool

The weather was very hot and sunny today. Easily 28C by 10am and the sun very strong. We’d already decided that if we woke up to find this was the case – as forecast – we would spend the day by the pool. It’s just about 50 yards from our rear terrace but because of the restrictions, we had to walk a bit further around to go through the one entrance that was open. Only took about 3 minutes though.

There was a pool warden who checked us in and showed us which loungers and umbrella we could have. They were arranged in groups of 2 and 4 and very well spaced out, a good 2m apart and pulled back from the pool entrance and edge so that if you were walking around, there was still a big space between you and someone sunbathing. They had also restricted numbers so that the pool could never be overcrowded. We were told on entry that if a lot of guests arrived, hours would be rationed but this never happened to us. We were there till 430.

The pool is very large and shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. Part of it has fountains in and a lazy river around the edge. It was heated but not to a huge extent. I would say it was about 25C.

Bob ran out to the supermarket to buy some milk and another stick of bread. Mission successful!

We spent the day sunbathing, reading under our umbrella and enjoying the pool. I must have been in 10 times. We took our small picnic carrier with us and had a bit of lunch there and also had cold drinks from it.

Tonight I roasted a chicken and we ate it on our patio with roast potatoes and salad. I was on a protein only day so I just had chicken. Not a problem.

A lovely restful day. Daisy really liked it. So far we have very much enjoyed this resort. It’s so convenient to get to, I think we’ll definitely be back. We love our little house.