Return to France

As we said in the last blog entry, we enjoyed our stay at the Marriott Vacation Club d’Ile de France so much we decided to come back again. It has been a bit touch and go since the middle of August when the UK re-introduced quarantine for arrivals from France. We don’t mind about that, but we knew that eventually the French would reciprocate. We hoped that we would get back before that to avoid a quarantine on arrival in France. Frankly, if that had happened, we would have cancelled. Luck has been with us. Mr Macron is just back from his holiday jaunt to the south of France, and they are just talking about it. An announcement to that effect made today. Our guess has been that they would wait until the majority of French holidaymakers are back in France before introducing the restriction, and that it wouldn’t come much before the end of August. We leave in the morning on the ferry again and should be in our little house by teatime.

We’ve had an email from Marriott to say that like last time, they are minimising human contact and so an envelope with our keys and documents will be waiting for us at the gatehouse and that no one has been in our house for 72 hours and no one will come there while we are staying. Linens being delivered and rubbish collected from the doorstep. We feel very secure and safe going there and we will be as careful as normal when we are out sightseeing. Won’t be going into Paris at all or indeed any crowded places.

So, we are all packed up using our much loved packing cubes. And we are loading the car with our food and supplies from home as we will largely be eating breakfast and dinner at home and will have the odd lunch out. I am still on my diet (nearly 20lbs down now) and so this time I’m taking the weighing scales so that I can keep a daily check on things. I found the lack of that ability a bit disconcerting. The trusty Igloo on wheels is coming too, of course, loaded with our frozen meat.

So….. tune in to keep up with our adventures a la Francais…….