Feeling the Sun Again

It was so nice to wake up and feel the warm sun again, even if there was a bit of wind. Not as much as we had in Kent yesterday though by a long, long way.

There’s not much to tell about today. We were very lazy indeed and slobbed about our little house and garden most of the day. We did have a run out to the supermarket. Bob found the Casino supermarket when we were here last and liked that. It’s quite upmarket and much bigger than the other local ones. A bakery, a very good deli counter and butchery (not that we need that). We needed a few things – fresh veg, couple of bread sticks and some more cold meat. I eat a lot of cold meat on my diet. The vegetables were displayed like in Cyprus i.e. you make your selection from a large display, bag them, weigh them and a price label is printed out. Quite a swish system.

We bought some lovely cold meat as well and a few other things. Home in time for lunch and then a very lazy afternoon. Tonight Bob cooked steaks and green beans and we ate outside in our garden. It was lovely. And a morsel of cheese for me afterwards. Bob had sourdough and cheese. Long chat to Daisy and more of The Fall.

Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter so we will be by the pool all day. Maybe Chateau de Chantilly on Friday.