And….. The Rules Have Changed Again!

So…. just as we were congratulating ourselves on having re-arranged our flights to Cyprus AND the covid tests because Turkish Airlines had consolidated our original flights, the travelling rug was pulled again last night when the government of Northern Cyprus changed the entry rules again for travellers arriving from today. It is now the case that as well as having a negative covid test 3-5 days before flying and a negative covid test on arrival, instead of being able to isolate at home (checked upon), the 7 days quarantine has to take place in a government approved accommodation, at the travellers’ expense. This totally puts the end to our trip to Cyprus at the moment because the cost – £240 for 2 covid tests plus well over £500 for a week’s quarantine is just out of the question.

Needless to say we are really terribly disappointed as we were so looking forward to getting to the house and getting some work done there, not to mention seeing our friends again. We are lucky in some ways that our flights are flexible and the covid tests can be cancelled. Some others are not so lucky and have already paid for and had their tests in preparation for flights that now won’t happen. To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense as the numbers are still really low and as far as we can see, the cases that are arriving are coming from Turkish visitors not Brits.

So, anyway, inshallah….. We shall hope that the rules change back again quickly and we will plan to be in Cyprus as soon as they do. Just rams home the importance of booking flexible air tickets etc at the moment. Take nothing for granted. Things change very quickly and it’s not just the UK government….