A Journey to Wyre Piddle!

We were a bit late setting off from Tewkesbury this morning, for no reason other than we had breakfast before we went and then decided to fill the boat up with water… About 45mins, not long, but it meant we have had a change of plans going forward. We intended to make it as far as Evesham today but it soon became apparent that the combination of our later start and sunset at 6pm, meant this wasn’t going to happen. It doesn’t matter. This is a pretty casual itinerary. There are moorings all along the way: in towns, along the river banks everywhere, alongside river pubs.

We studied our map guide and spotted the Anchor Inn, in about the right spot, a mile or so past Pershore. But it was the village name that was the clincher: Wyre Piddle. I’ve never stayed in a Piddle before but I was determined to try.

Such a pretty trip today. The Avon is much prettier than the Severn, much narrower, more rural in feel. It wanders. It bends. It turns back on itself in great loops. One of the things we have discovered about canal boating is that, it’s slow. If you think of a journey you might make in a car which would take an hour, that’s a week on a canal boat. And we had 4 locks to work today. A couple of them a bit different in design from previous ones. We didn’t have any problems but on occasion, we had to think a bit.

Stopped for lunch just past one lock in a gorgeous bend of the river opposite a lovely cottage. Some amazing properties along the river today. Chocolate box England, lawns running down to the river, thatched roofs, rambling chimneys, cottage gardens. And the trees are really turning leaf now making gorgeous reflections in the water. The sun came out quite a bit from late morning through mid afternoon and that really made a difference. The boat is so warm but up on the rear deck its pretty cold once the sun disappears. We are well wrapped up.

So…. arrived at the Anchor Inn at about 4pm. They have a long dock in front of the pub and it was easy to moor up and should be a brilliant place to spend the night. We were in slight dread becaue after we’d got tied up and pretty much committed for the night, some awful, noisy people arrived and shrieked for some time. Luckily they went at about 5pm, and things returned to the normal silence.

We only saw a couple of other boats on the move today. Otherwise, like yesterday, we pretty much have the river to ourselves, Apart from the odd fisherman, and there were a few about. River fishing is HUGE in these parts.

Dinner at the Anchor was massive. 3 of us had steaks, Stuart had lamb shank. It was good food but in misguidedly huge portions. We got back about 10 and settled in for coffees and – if you were so inclined – scotch whiskys. A most convivial evening and off to sleep before midnight…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz/