A Week Gone!

We arrived here a week ago today! Today is the start of our second week!!!! It’s gone so fast…. Hopefully we will be out of quarantine at the weekend and able to get around from Monday. I messaged Ozzie at Gunray Rent a Car to bring us a car on Monday morning. We don’t need anything more than a basic.

Bob put the cover back on the outside part of our a/c unit first. It’s working well now after the service.

Did a lot of fiddling around with the watering lines today. Moving them to be right on plants and Bob repaired a couple of places where there were leaks and joints that were leaking. He also put a new fitment on our outdoor shower so that we can attach a hose pipe to that feed and get a hose right down to the orchard to give water beyond the frequency/scope of the watering lines if we want to. I can already see a massive improvement in the plants for having been getting water. They are blooming much more, just in a few days. Magic really.

One of the planks in the garden dining table – the one that is in the lower garden under the trees – had come loose and Bob put a screw into that to get that back down. It’s a rustic table but…… It’s nice in the hottest summer months to eat down there particularly at night. I have quite a few hanging lanterns and you can put candles in to make a nice space…. I must confess we don’t often use it, generally we eat either by the pool under the pergola there or on the main dining terrace. But we should!

This afternoon I started a loaf of bread using a recipe given by an old friend, John from Yorkshire! It’s a no-knead recipe, very simple, and his results looked amazing. I hope mine comes out as well. I’ll take some pictures if it’s any good. If not….. well…. you can make your own judgement!!!!

We read by the pool from about 1pm onwards, having plenty of dips. No visitors today. The government have announced that home quarantine is now available for those aged 60 and above and children under 18. That’s another big softening of the rules, ready I guess for the proposed no-quarantine from early June, hopefully. There are only about 30 detected cases a day now in the whole country.

Tonight it’s the usual. Drinks and reading at 6. Dinner outside and then an episode or two of Homeland and an apisode of The Pursuit of Love. Still think Andrew Scott is far and away the best thing about that. I also like John Heffernan, who plays Davey. I couldn’t work out where I’d seen him before, but he was Johnathan Harker in Dracula, which I loved.